Thursday, August 28, 2014


So where did ISIS or ISIL or the ISLAMIC STATE come from? (The U.S. media can't consistently name the enemy whom they call a "clear and present danger" and a "threat to our national security interests?)

Thank Cheney-Bush-Rice and gang for invading Iraq, 'cause that stirred up Al Queda to come into Iraq after the invasion and ISIS is simply a mutation from Al Queda in Iraq.  (They weren't there before the U.S.' illegal, immoral war.)  

Sure ISIS is a group of crazy, immoral monsters and so we're now going to be allied with Assad to kill the bastards through air strikes in Syria?  

Oh, I thought Obama said he had to be removed from power because, among other things, he used chemical weapons on his own people.  Was he right then?  Is he right now, not to mention that and to fight Assad's enemies?  When was he right, then or's so confusing?  

Maybe if Bush and Obama hadn't supported Shite assholes, who oppressed Sunnis in Iraq, ISIS would not have been born.  Better yet, if morons Bush-Cheney-Rice et. al.  hadn't stirred up a hornet's nest in the Middle East, with these non-states drawn up by the Brits, we would have never heard of ISIS.  

By the way, the mass media - which is beating the drums for war - has these "experts" who consistently speak of the U.S. national interest in the Middle East.  Just what is that?  Cheney is quoted under information gotten under FOIA has setting up geographical  divisions for oil companies in Iraq well before the war.  Is there a pipeline Big Oil needs in Syria, will they eventually get it?  Just sayin'.