A reproductive health care provider in central Wisconsin was surprisingly prepared Wednesday to be picketed by anti-contraception group 40 Days For Life.
Tiffany Bredeck, a board member of Family Planning Health Services (FPHS) in Wausau, Wis., dressed up in a stork costume, whipped out a clever sign and stood on the sidewalk outside the FPHS headquarters alongside the protesters.
The Executive Director of FPHS, Lon Newman, told The Huffington Post over the phone that 40 Days For Life has long had simple messages that are easy for many people to relate to, and that the stork idea made for a "friendly, easy-to-grasp message" for the pro-choice side.
FPHS is a non-profit organization that provides basic reproductive health care services in seven counties in Wisconsin. It does not provide abortion services, sterilizations or medical pre-natal care.
However, 40 Days For Life says on its website that it pickets FPHS because FPHS provides contraception to minors without parental consent, and because FPHS "promotes the contraceptive mentality," advocates for sex education in public schools and provides referrals for abortions.