Friday, April 8, 2016


There are many theories as to why a major American political party could well nominate Donald Trump for President.  But I never see hard truths:  A sick society will produce sick leaders and a childish/adolescent culture will produce child-like leaders. 

This represents a FAILURE OF CHRISTIANITY.  True Christianity is love, compassion, a sense of oneness with God’s creation with leads to care for “the least amongst us” and for being steward of the earth.  In what has often been called the battle between “Christ vs. Commerce,” the values of one-upmanship, success, winners vs. losers, greed, ostentatious display, who’s up and who’s down are the gods of our capitalistic society. These are the values of Donald Trump.

 Our society glorifies violence, warriors, consumes huge quantities of pornography, which objectifies women (see Trump) and presents mass entertainment suitable for eleven-year-olds.  Racism is prevalent (hello Donald); it is a form of tribalism manifested in the absurdity that the U.S. is the #1 nation in the industrialized world (what?  #1 in a failed educational system, a crumbling infrastructure, in incarceration, wasting lives and resources in unnecessary wars and defending its empire?)

 This idolatrous worship of the nation-state is a huge failure of Christianity where, in its true form, preachers that all of our brothers and sisters around the globe are our neighbors who should be loved, not nuked! (USA!,USA! At Trump rallies.)