Thursday, February 6, 2014


Dear Keith,
This week I learned that Walmart currently sells Crickett Firearms, a line of weapons that are marketed to very young children under the tagline "My First Rifle." These weapons often look like toys, coming in colors like pink and orange.
As the second largest public corporation in the world, Walmart brags, “we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far on our journey to become a more…responsible business.” But responsible businesses do not market weapons to young children.
Click here to tell Walmart to stop selling Crickett Firearms.
This is no small matter. A new study shows that 20 children and teens are hospitalized every day for gun injuries in the United States. U.S. children and teens are 17 times more likely to die from a gun than their peers in 25 other high-income countries combined.
That's why experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have made it clear that “the safest home for children is one without a gun.” As a past president of the AAP has explained, “Young children are curious, and are often unable to remember or follow [gun] safety rules."
It's time for this retail giant to get out of the business of putting our children at risk.
Sign this petition and tell Walmart: Responsible companies don't market firearms to young children. Stop selling Crickett Firearms immediately.
Thank you for your support,

Josh Horwitz
Executive Director
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence