Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu Speech Arrogant, Insulting, Full of Lies

In a cheap political ploy to help him win a close election and remain Israel's elected leader, Netanyahu delivered his address to the US Congress, a speech which drew enthusiastic applause repeatedly but upon close analysis proved to be arrogant beyond belief, insulting of the government that from Israel's inception has been its most steadfast supporter, and full of statements that have been shown to be untrue, even by those in his own government. Netanyahu may well win the immediate battle, get a bounce of a few percentage points to allow his party to defeat his more moderate opponent in the election in two weeks, but he is in greater danger of losing the war of preserving the well-being of Israel and facilitating a reduction of the instability and conflict that racks the Middle East and surrounds his nation. He has been losing support in his own nation through his resolute, uncompromising, short-sighted policies which only add to the threat of major hostilities breaking out, and the international support that the state of Israel has received since its creation almost 70 years ago has been splintering incrementally due to Israel's persistent refusal to allow a viable, sovereign state of Palestine to come into existence as was planned when Israel was established on land most recently populated by Palestinian Arabs.  The nations that have been Israel's strongest supporters are those that are attempting to resolve the nuclear issues which Iran's developmental program presents, they have Israel's and the entire region's best interests at heart. Netanyahu has no plan other than demanding no nuclear development at all be allowed, or threatening a preemptive strike if the development continues. He offers no end game for resolving the Palestine issue, other than allowing more settlements to be built for Israelis on land set to become a part of an independent Palestine. So Israel, under his leadership and with the support of some in the US Congress, continues to be an isolated nation surrounded by people and nations with which he refuses to recognize as having legitimate interests of their own.  The Middle East obviously faces serious problems, they include those faced by Israel but also extend well beyond them. Solutions will be hard to come by, they will require enlightened leadership. Netanyahu obviously is not capable of offering it, he is a part of the problem, rather than being a possible part of the solution.