Monday, June 1, 2015


JUNE 1, 2015
As reported in my last post:

“Two Pasadena police officers, Matthew Griffen and Jeffery Newlen, who shot and killed an unarmed teenager three years ago were not disciplined for the shooting and made tactical errors during the incident, according to a court document. 
According to part of the an Office Of independent Review (OIR) According to excerpts of the report quoted in a March 16, 2014 court filing, the officers “repeatedly made tactical decisions that were not congruent with principles of officer safety.” 

Recently the Office of the Pasadena City Attorney has been ordered by a judge to release a (partially redacted)  OIR.  But the City of Pasadena will not release the report!  How can they defy a judge’s order?  2 city attorneys have told us (we are Black Lives Matter in Pasadena) that, because the City is appealing the judge’s decision, it is not bound to comply with his orders.  We have posed a simple question two 2 attorneys in the City Attorney’s office:  Are you bound by the appeal not to release the OIR?”  It is a simple question designed to show their complicity with the Pasadena PD’s police union.  But they will not answer!  They're not bound by the Appeal!  What are they hiding?  What do they fear?  Where is the OIR?  Is it hidden in some dark place so that it cannot be brought into the light of truth?

I have communicated with city attorney Michelle Beal Bagneris in writing and by telephone message asking the same question.  I do not expect her to contradict the other attorney’s in her office and I don’t expect her to answer the question.  However, I’ve given her a chance and will report her answer, if she responds, on these pages.

Clearly the independent report has damning evidence that is being withheld by agents of the City of Pasadena involving the murder of an unarmed teenager by the infamous Pasadena Police officers Newlen and Griffen.

One is forced to inquire, were Newlen and/or Griffen on drugs? Are they vile racists?  Do low IQ’s impair these cops?  Were they suffering from depression and/or sleep deprivation?  Are they identifiable sociopaths?
These are legitimate questions because parts of the OIR that were released in connection with a civil suit reveal that Newlen and Griffen were confused, violated the most elementary of police procedures, and were grossly incompetent in this case of obvious murder. But, again,  what is the more damning evidence in the (partially redacted) OIR?

Why the cover up?  Why the collusion between the Pasadena City Attorney’s office and the police union?

How deep does this corruption go?  Surely the mayor and city council know the details of the tragic death of Kendrec McDade, yet another police killing of an unarmed black youth?

Is there pervasive racism in city government?  Why don’t they act in such a catastrophic, heartbreaking situation?