Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The following letter is to Ms. Stone, Field Rep for Pasadena Mayor.  It simply repeats a message to the Mayor which  quotes a repeated message to the City Attorney's office.

June 2, 2015

Ms. Rhonda Stone
Field Representative
Office Of The Mayor, Pasadena CA.

This is an E-mail sent to the Mayor today. “ E-mails and ‘phone messages have been sent to City Attorney's office  There is no response.  Would like your written response Mr. Mayor.  ‘Please respond to this question  in writing via e-mail.  Your office has been ordered by a court to release the OIR (80% of the content available) related to the killing of Kendrec MCDade by Pasadena PD.  2 attorneys in your office have responded to inquiries as to why you have not done so with the rationale that, because the case is under appeal,  your office is not bound to release the OIR.  Is this the case?  Please respond in writing via e-mail.  Keith F. Shirey, Professor Emeritus Political Science Citrus College member of #Black Lives Matter, Pasadena Chapter.  We would appreciate an immediate response. Thank you.’  This is the repeated message sent to the City Attorney’s office.  So Mr. Mayor, can you, yourself, get a reponse from the City Attorney's office and send it to us via e-mail?  Thanks.”

This case isn’t going away Ms. Stone. Word has it that you have great influence over the Mayor.   We want a written response.  We’ve already heard from 2 attorneys in the City Attorney’s office and left telephone messages.  What are you folks hiding?  The very partial content of the OIR released in connection with a civil suit reveals police misconduct, negligence, and downright stupidity on the part of the two “peace officers” involved in the brutal murder of an unarmed Black teen.  Were these cops on drugs?  Are they racist sociopaths? Did they commit cold-blooded murder? We want to know.  Let’s see the whole OIR, not just the redacted version.  The 2 City of Pasadena Attorney’s response that their office won’t release the OIR damning the cops because the judge’s office is is under appeal is a non sequitor.  Pasadena is entirely free to release it?  There is a foul order about this one of numerous murders of an unarmed Black youth, a stench  worse than that of  a stinking mackerel left on the kitchen sink for two weeks. The foul vapors are rising above the whole City Of The Roses and will, eventually bring it into national ill-repute.  Please give a heads up to the Pasadena Mayor Thank you for your attention


Keith Shirey
Black Lives Matter, Pasadena