Monday, February 29, 2016


So Rubio joins Trump in using insults involving urine, sweat, hair, fake tans  and now Marco rallies finally get TV coverage!  The media wants spectacle, not the reality involved in presenting complex issues of substance.   Yesterday, Trump was asked 3 times by Jake Tapper to disavow David Duke and the KKK's support  He wouldn't do it.  Today, a MSNBC commentator said that "Trump has disavowed their support 'a little bit.'"  "A little bit,"!!  What Trump did disavow is his earlier comments disavowing their support.  American TV is a disgrace. 

Yesterday Trump defended re-tweeting a quote from Mussolini by saying it was "interesting."  He said this on MSNBC to commentator/host Chuck Todd who could have pointed out that the reports of experimenting on Jewish children in Nazi death camps are "interesting," as are rapist confessions.  Todd didn't make a reductio ad absurdum about Trump's "defense" because, like almost all TV "news" analists they really can't think critically.