Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Interesting letter in the New York Times of 3/1/16: "I do not wish that GOP leaders derail Donald Trump. Unless voters do that job our democracy would be exhibiting distrust of voters and their ability to discern what's good for the country. If Mr. Trump sways the electorate, America offers a clear admission of its values. . . and what it has become."

I would only add it would show millions of Americans who they really are  are: rude and vulger; clueless about policy matters; admirers of bullies; racists; lovers of celebrity, money and power; women haters; mockers of the handicapped; defenders of extreme torture and unrestrained murder of civilians in wars; a people who do not know what basic decency and humanity mean; and, above all, are the enemies of Jesus Christ who preached peace, love, and compassion and whose teachings say that all humans are endowed by their creator with dignity, worth, and value.