Saturday, March 5, 2016



The low level life forms that cheered O.J.’s white Bronco as it traveled from the murder scene toward the Mexican border and the celebrity loving ghouls who, to this day, go on tours to follow the path of the murderous man of fame from his mansion to the death scene at the condo where Ms. Simpson and Mr. Goldman were slashed to death, have much in common with the supporters of Donald Trump.

Trump, though, wouldn’t just murder 2 people.  This degenerate who advocates extreme torture, which is a war crime, advocates another war crime: The killing of families of Middle East terrorists.   But the followers of this reality show superstar, who in their worshipful, frenzied shouts at screams at Tump rallies adore this supposed man of power – just like O.J fans. – care not for morality or even common decency.

Where would the fans of O.J. and Trump draw the line?  If they were child molesters and human traffickers would their fame and supposed power even disgust them?  Perhaps not.  After all, the rapist Bill Cosby has many defenders.

Psychologists found that about a third of people qualified for a condition they coined "celebrity worship syndrome, " one in which the devoted fan becomes increasingly hooked into the object of their attention, until their feelings begin to resemble addiction.   The identification with the fantasy figure becomes a substitute for reality.  The idealization of the celebrity figure means that one cannot separate fact from fiction.

To be blunt about it, this is sheer madness.  For millions, not to be able to see O.J. and Trump for what they are –sociopathic monsters – is a manifestation of a sick, diseased culture.