Thursday, May 19, 2016


I love Libertarian Party presidential hopeful John McAfee’s vision of a country where a “gay married couple can defend their marijuana fields with fully automatic machine guns,” except for the machine gun bit, because my concept of the future excludes anyone –including the cops—from owning a firearm (violent people will be subdued by the police by spraying laughing gas on them).

My vision for the future is that Non-violent offenders from local jails and prisons would help the gays nurture their vast fields and learn how to cultivate exotic strains of weed that intensified sexual experience. The police who transported them there would be required to assist in husbanding the cannabis.

My concept for future America would include formerly homeless non-able bodied vets, inside good pubic housing, getting stoned, doing art, music and dancing with partners gay, straight, bisexual, or transsexual. All homeless in America who didn’t want to be on the streets would have public housing and could, if they desired, march to Washington, Sacramento and other state capitols to urinate on conservative/libertarian/neo-liberal politicians who opposed public housing for all.

With regards to Middle Eastern wars, they could continue as long as the sons and daughters of the congressional-military-industrial complex fought them.

Food, clothing, shelter, free education, through the Ph.D and MD, access to medical care, recreational facilities, good jobs, early childhood education, adequate parental leave to care for the young, pre-natal care, access to clean drinking water and air would be deemed the rights of all people, including the undocumented.
Politicians who voted to cut back on food stamps for children, before this program was instituted, would be forced to go to bed hungry at night 2 or 3 times weekly.

Talented Politicians who use rhetoric-- eloquence aimed at persuasion—to deny climate change, must eat coal dust and drink oil for one meal of the day of their choosing.

Anyone want to add something?