Saturday, October 26, 2013



Dallas Man Accuses Police Of Opening Fire On Him After He Opened His Front Door After He Previously Refused To Be Questioned

n-DAVID-BLAIR-largeThere is a troubling case out of Dallas where David Blair said that he opened the door to his apartment only to be met with a hail of gunfire from police. The Dallas Police Department reportedly told him that he caused the response by shining of flashlight and having a door that made a popping sound. Apparently, you have to either get some WD40 or face a barrage of lead in Texas.
Blair says that there was an encounter with police while he was moving to a new apartment. He says that he was standing in front of his home when police shined a spotlight in his face and started to question him. He was speaking to his brother on the phone when he says police officers Richard Cantu and Jesse Aquino exited their cruiser and confronted him. He told them to get the light out of his face and declined to be interrogated. They then went back into his apartment and continued with his move. However, when he opened his door, he was met with gunfire. He grabbed his young son and ran into the back room. Fortunately, neither was hit.
However, Blair was arrested for aggravated assault on a police officer. He was later released.
According to news reports, officer Jesse Aquino was previously found to have falsified a report after striking a man he suspected was holding cocaine in his hand. What is curious is that he was reportedly found to have lied but he was allowed to correct his report and stay on the force. Why? Isn’t a false police report sufficient to terminate an officer?
Source: Dallas News