Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Protect clean water

Protect clean water

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Dear Keith,

Industrial chemicals. Fecal coliform. Pesticides.

These and other pollutants are making their way into the streams, wetlands, and lakes that filter pollution and help feed the taps of 117 million Americans.

Thanks to a loophole in our national clean water laws, big polluters can dump waste into many water sources we rely on for drinking, fishing, and swimming.

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing a fix that will close this dangerous loophole and protect our precious sources of clean water.

Protect clean water—help fight to close the loophole that lets polluters dump in our rivers, lakes, and streams. 

For over 40 years, the Clean Water Act has protected our waters from these threats. But several years ago, big polluters pushed to remove safeguards from key water sources.

Now, it’s easier for mining companies, factory farms, and other industries to dump waste into these water sources without needed pollution controls. Clean water is not just a right, it’s a bare necessity. It’s not fair that big polluters can take that away and threaten the health of our families.

Stop water pollution. Fight to close loopholes that let polluters dump into the waters that feed our taps.

Thank you,

Jon Devine
Senior Attorney, NRDC
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