Tuesday, May 27, 2014


http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/27/business/13-deaths-untold-heartache-from-gm-defect.html?hp&_r=0  will get you to New York Times Story.


Chevy Cobalts make up a good portion of the 1.6 million GM vehicles recalled over the ignition issue that has been tied to at least a dozen deaths and could be responsible for many more.
And, according to court documents uncovered by the Wall Street Journal, GM knew about the problem when they were prepping for the release of the 2005 Cobalt, but opted to release the car upon the highways anyway, assuming that drivers would be able to safely coast stalled cars off the road.  They couldn't and died.  People in GM who made this decision are murderers.  
GM keeps upping the number of accidents caused by the faulty ignition switch and admits to 13 deaths.  
The torture comes in when GM keeps victims in the dark.  Ever since G.M. began recalling cars with the defective switch in February it has failed to disclose the names of the dead victims, who died because of G.M.'s murderous decisions to release Cobalts and other small cars on America's roads,  to their relatives.  In other words if your son or daughter died in a Chevy Cobalt crash G.M. you are not sure if  it was the defect that caused the accident.  Relatives of the dead say that the giant corporation has even refused to communicate privately about the accidents.
But what is a G.M. corporation?  It's comprised of people who make decisions.  We don't know who made the murderous decision to put the defective cars on the road anymore than some relatives of the murdered don't know if the ignition failure caused their loved ones to perish.  
These people hide behind lawyers and high walls of secrecy erected by other human beings in order to protect them and themselves from responsibility and consequences from their immoral, horrible choices.  
They need to be found, these G.M. engineer rats, these managerial bottom feeders, these bottom line bastards.  We need to know their names, put their pictures in the newspapers and on the web, and --perhaps not possible in this corporate controlled America -- jail the murderous torturers.