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Featured Action: If You Do One Thing Here, Do This!

Photograph of a protest of the McCutcheon ruling
Sign the Petition for a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Anti-Democratic McCutcheon v. FEC and Citizens United v. FEC Rulings 
The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission means the super-rich can dole out up to $5.9 million per election cycle to political candidates and parties.Join the call for a constitutional amendment overturning the McCutcheon ruling, the court’s 2010 Citizens United debacle and related cases.

More Actions: Make a Difference Today

The text TPP with a line crossing it out.
Ask Your Representative to Oppose Fast Track Trade Authority
Fast Track is the secret weapon of the corporate lobbyists who want to profit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) at the expense of the rest of us. Ask your representative to oppose Fast Track trade authority.
Photograph of dollar bill folded into shape of dress shirt and tie
Help Elizabeth Warren Change Wall Street
Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill that would make the biggest banks simpler and smaller and once again end the public subsidy to Wall Street speculation. Sign the petition to support the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act.
Photograph of an offshore oil rig with an ominous sky in the background.
Hold BP Accountable
Join Public Citizen in calling on the EPA to ban BP from federal contracts.

Photograph of a penny
Tell the IRS to Stand Up to the Tea Party
The IRS is trying to fix the vague, unclear language of its rules for political activity by nonprofits. But Tea Party-aligned groups are attacking the new rules.Urge the IRS to clarify its political activity rules.
Democracy Is For People
Help Build Support for an Amendment
Email your senators now and tell them to speak out — loud and clear — for an amendment to overturn the Citizens United and McCutcheon Supreme Court rulings.
Add your voice
Combat Corporate Manipulation of Back-to-School Shopping
Add your name if you want giant corporations to stop exploiting budget conscious parents and overworked teachers.
A drawing of a patient lying on a red cross.

Ask HHS Secretary to Apologize for Unethical Experiment on Infants
Tell Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to apologize for an unethical experiment that exposed premature infants to risk of death and blindness and prevent similar failures in the future.
Drawing of Uncle Sam's arms clutching cash and reaching around globe.
Tell Congress to Reject Fast Track Trade Authority
Some in Washington are preparing to revive an arcane procedure called Fast Track to give Congress’ trade authority to unaccountable trade negotiators. Sign our petition demanding Congress reject Fast Track trade authority.
Photograph of a protest of the Citizens United ruling
Help Get Money Out of Politics
Send an email to your representative and urge him or her to support an amendment to overturn the Citizens United and McCutcheon rulings.
Graphic of a fist surrounding by money, representing activists triumphing over the influence of corporate money.
Support the Stop Subsidizing Multimillion Dollar Corporate Bonuses Act
The aptly named Stop Subsidizing Multimillion Dollar Corporate Bonuses Act (S. 1476) would end subsidies that enrich CEO pay at the taxpayers’ expense. Make sure your senators know you want them to co-sponsor S. 1476.
Drawing of U.S Capitol building.
Stop the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)
Tell Congress to stop the U.S-EU TAFTA trade deal from gutting the strongest parts of American and European food, health, environmental and financial safeguards.
Graphic of a fat cat banker smoking a cigar.
Revoke Global Banking Behemoth HSBC’s Corporate Charter
By refusing to prosecute HSBC for laundering money, the Department of Justice is sending the message that Big Banks are above the law. Add your name to the petition to revoke HSBC’s corporate charter.
Photo of television showing political ad.
Tell the SEC to Require Corporations to Disclose Political Spending
CEOs of massive corporations are poised to secretly funnel millions of dollars from corporate coffers toward electing corporate candidates. Join our action to stop them now!
Drawing of Earth floating in oil.
Sign Petition Demanding That President Obama Take Action on Climate
Urge the president to present a plan to address the climate crisis, communicate the risks of continuing to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and end the fake debate around the causes and consequences of climate change.
Graphic of the stock market in a decline.
Root Out Corruption in the Oil Market
Sign the petition to tell the Department of Justice to root out anti-competitive and collusive behavior by the big banks and other oil sector actors that result in higher prices for families.
Photograph of money, medical equipment, and pills.
Stop the Distribution of Samples of Infant Formula in Hospitals
In the U.S., the vast majority of birthing hospitals give away industry-provided samples of infant formula to new mothers. Sign the petition to stop this destructive marketing practice.
Graphic of the Bank of America
Break Up Bank of America
Bank of America poses a grave threat to our economy. It is massive, complex and unstable—too big to manage and too big to regulate. Watch our video and sign the petition to break up Bank of America.
Photo of television showing political ad.
Public Television Should Not Promote Fast Food to Children 
Fast food chain Chick-fil-A has distributed kids meals in bags co-branded with PBS’s popular Martha Speaks children’s show. Sign the petition to demand that PBS stop allowing Chick-fil-A to directly target children.
A drawing of a hand that is unable to reach a scale representing justice being out of reach.
Expose Corporations That Are Rigging the Justice System
Be an activist whistleblower by helping us add companies to the forced arbitration rogues gallery.
Photograph of nuclear reactor.
Expand Emergency Evacuation Zones for Nuclear Reactors 
Sign our petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to expand emergency evacuation zones around U.S. nuclear reactors and make other improvements in emergency preparedness.
Photograph of U.S. Capitol building.
Demand Congress Stand Up to Corporate Influence
The perverse Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission gave corporations the “right” to spend unlimited money to influence elections. Learn more about what Congress can do.
Drawing of Earth melting.
Keep Toxic Chemicals Out of Drinking Water
Email your representative and ask him or her to oppose hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and call for the disclosure and monitoring of the chemicals used in the process.
Photograph of a doctor using a stethoscope.
Stop Underhanded Marketing by Nestlé in Newark and Michigan
NestlĂ©, which makes products that contribute to childhood obesity, is partnering with Newark and Michigan on initiatives meant to fight childhood obesity. Urge officials to stop these initiatives.
Photograph of cans painted to resemble barrels of nuclear waste.
Increase Nuclear Waste Safety
Please take a moment to tell your representative to reject efforts to move radioactive waste to temporary dump sites.
Photograph of billboards: Flickr photo by Montgomery County Planning Commission.
Keep Public Spaces Free of Commercialism 
Post your stories about the sale of advertising or naming rights in your community’s public spaces, such as parks, roads, bridges, schools, emergency vehicles, etc.
Photograph of nuclear reactor. Flickr photo by Rainforest Action Network.
Urge the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Improve Reactor Safety
It’s critical that every effort is made to strengthen nuclear reactor safety standards and oversight. Sign a letter urging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to improve nuclear reactor safety.