Sunday, June 26, 2016


What do Trump, Sanders, and Brexit have in common? 
(Brexit is not a breakfast cereal.)  When capitalism is in crisis because of a disappearing middle class and unemployment/underemployment, the “dispossessed” turn against the “establishment.” 

Both major political parties in England, “the establishment” didn’t want Britain to exit from the EU.  But Brixit supporters capitalized upon nationalistic, racist, anti-immigrant fears.  Coupled with the failure of EU capitalist elites to provide meaningful work for millions of Brits (and the misplaced anger at immigrants who were not the cause of severe economic troubles)  Brixit won.

In the U.S., millions of unemployed/underemployed victims of globalization and capitalist finance and their establishment political puppets find crazy Trump appealing because he pretends to be anti-establishment, anti free trade deals, and one who can provide jobs.  Like Brixit leaders he appeals to nationalistic, racist, and anti-immigrant fears.

And Bernie?  He doesn’t appeal to nationalistic, racist and anti-immigrant fears and offers anti-establishment solutions to America’s economic crisis.  He knows that globalism has produced “winners,” the 1% here and in Europe and millions of “losers,” here and over there.  He knows that capitalism is incompatible with democracy when there is a failure to have proper income distribution. He was in the tradition of FDR who talked about “the malefactors of great wealth.”   

America had its chance, now it will get Hillary, the lesser of two evils.