Tuesday, June 21, 2016


                               NUMBNUTS NATION

There is much bullshit analysis about why rates of depression, early death, opioid use, and suicide among non-college educated white males.  Well, let’s just try economic analysis as a way of explaining this.  97% of men in prime working years were working in 1964.  The number today has fallen to 83%.  In the U.S. 12% of these men are neither working nor looking for work.  That number was 4% in Japan.  That’s millions of non-college educated white men in the U.S.  unemployed.  Check out “The Upshot” by Neil Irwin in the New York Times, June 21, 2016.

Capitalism is causing even more rot in a society that is fundamentally insane anyway (300 million guns in the U.S. which is the most murderous society on earth, one out of 4 kids being food deprived sometime during the month, a major political party denying climate change, etc.)  The solution?  Check out the Green Party.  We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics. Government must be part of the solution, but when it’s controlled by the 1%, it’s part of the problem.”