Wednesday, June 22, 2016



The GOP meme about gun control legislation favored by the democrats is that they should focus on “terrorism not guns.”  But the mass slaughter by guns in the U.S. which occurs everyday and adds up to some 31,000 dead people each year isn’t terrorism.

 And not all of the mass shootings in Washington, Ft. Hood, Isla Vista, Charleston, Chattanooga, Roseburg, Colorado Springs and San Bernardino were not connected to terrorism.

What the GOP is offering us is a fallacy of false alternatives, pretending that either we focus on terrorism or guns.  But, terrorists use guns!  Duh!

What is really going on is that most GOP politicians are on the take from the NRA, the blood money dripping from their campaign coffers.  It isn’t that they can’t think straight.  Most of them are lawyers and have studied logical fallacies in pre-legal or legal argumentation in law school.

 What they do is purposely use errors in reasoning to throw sand in the eyes of the public so we can’t see them for who they are:  prostitutes who give sex workers a bad name.