Wednesday, November 30, 2016



                                TRUMP’S BILLIONAIRES CLUB

Ah yes, that great champion of the common man, billionaire mogul Donald Trump, whose foul mouth got him the Presidency, “cause he tells it like it is,” has surrounded himself with billionaires on his transition team.  Latest is Thiel, a PayPal cofounder and Facebook board member.  He joins Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, Rebekah Mercer, hedge fund heiress and 3 other billionaires.

Hey, a billionaire feels comfortable around fellow billionaires! 
And the cabinet appointments!  Remember The Donald He railed against Wall Street, accusing it of having caused “tremendous problems for us” and vowing to stop it from ”getting away with murder.”

Well, The latest vulture capitalists to be nominated for cabinet posts are billionaire Wilbur Ross, for secretary of commerece,  who has made a fortune cobbling together dying companies Ross and is the chairman of the private equity firm WL Ross & Co. and for Treasurer Secretary, Steven Mnuchin,  a former partner at Goldman Sachs turned Hollywood producer who still has deep ties to Wall Street.

Another billionaire, Betsy DeVos, is his pick for education secretary. 

Other picks, while not billionaires, want to dismantle the EPA, privatize Social Security, repeal Obamacare, cut back on Medicare and Medicaid benefits, reigning in regulations on wall street and corporations. Perhaps, most horribly, regulations on carbon pollution should be severly cut back they say. It is a reactionaries dream team. 

As William D. Cohan has written in Vanity Fair, “The biggest mystery underlying the Trump phenomenon has been why more than 62 million Americans, many of whom have legitimate beefs about the newfangled digital economy, decided to vote for a billionaire who surrounds himself with other billionaires—many of whom profited off the same factors that undergirded their misery. Why in the world did they ever think that a billionaire reality-TV star who lives in a pink-marble mausoleum high above Fifth Avenue, has mansions in Palm Beach, Florida, and Bedford, New York, and flies around the country on his own private 757 would ever care one whit about them?”