Friday, January 27, 2017


Conway: Mexico Won’t Pay For The Wall Because They Want To Keep Drugs ‘Pouring’ Into America (VIDEO)

By John Prager ·

Donald Trump’s wall is a stupid, money-wasting idea only an idiot would pay for, but unfortunately said idiot has our nation’s checkbook in his hand. Recently, Trump signed an executive order written by white supremacist Steve Bannon that begins diverting taxpayer money — your money — to pay for his gigantic monument to bigotry along our southern border with vague promises that our neighbors will pay for it.  KEEP READI G
Unfortunately for Trump, Mexico didn’t get the memo about paying for the wall. More correctly, they got the memo and told President Asterisk to go f*ck himself. After Trump signed his executive order, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that he was canceling a planned meeting between himself and our petulant child of an alleged President.
“Mexico does not believe in walls. I’ve said it time and time again: Mexico will not pay for any wall,” Peña Nieto said in a video posted Wednesday. He also pledged support for any immigrants herded into the literal concentration camps authorized by Trump’s order or who are otherwise mistreated by the United States under Trump’s rule.
Now, most people would view Peña Nieto as a man who recognizes the tremendous waste associated with build a wall to keep people out when the trend has been that more Mexicans leave than come into our country for quite some time — or someone who refuses to sign on to such a horrifically bigoted plan. But Trump’s propaganda minister Kellyanne Conway has a different explanation — Mexicans are all drug dealers and Peña Nieto wants nothing more than to keep them flowing into our country from his.
“Well they don’t want it, Gayle, because they want to continue to allow people and I assume drugs, since they’re not doing much to stop that, pouring over our borders,” Conway told CBS on Friday. “We have to look at America. Mexico should pay for that wall because they get an awful lot from this country through NAFTA and through other monetary disbursements.”
Conway says that if Mexico doesn’t jump on board with Trump’s racist plan because we can retaliate easily because “the number one source of income into Mexico are Mexicans working here and sending the money back.”Watch Conway move her lips and say words she doesn’t understand below: