Sunday, January 22, 2017


Women’s March Now One Of The Most Peaceful Demonstrations In American History

The numbers are in, and over 3 million men and women of all backgrounds took to the streets all across the nation to protest Donald Trump and his incoming disastrous presidency.
In 670 cities throughout the north, south, east and west – in some of the most conservative enclaves like Lubbock, Texas – protestors partook in peaceful demonstrations, and their decorum shined bright.
Not one person was arrested, and not incident of violence surfaced.
In Washington D.C, over 500,000 men and women gathered on the National Mall, and not one violent act sullied the day, and no arrests made for any reason.
In Los Angeles, 750,000 convened (even though police only prepared for 80,000), and like Washington, not one arrest was made and not one incident of violence occurred.
In New York City, 400,000 people convened, and not one was arrested.
Not only were the demonstrations peaceful and orderly, police officers were deeply involved with the community, expressing solidarity with men and women: