Tuesday, July 19, 2016


DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A REAL MAN. HE IS A WHINY LITTLE BITCH. In her speech last night, Melania Trump lifted portions of her speech from that given by Michelle Obama in 2008.
If Michele Obama had plagiarized a speech from Nancy Reagan, there would be howls from the GOP and demands that Barack Obama resign from his campaign. In response Barack would have fired the team of writers responsible for humiliated his wife. But not Donald Trump. He and his campaign are blaming Hillary Clinton for the plagiarism! Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort e not only denied the speech was plagiarized, but accused Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton of spreading the story because she hates other women.
The cowardice of Donald Trump is breathtaking. Instead of standing up for his wife and demanding that heads should roll for disgracing her, Trump signs on to a campaign of smoke and mirrors to disguise the fact that her writers committed fraud.
This bully, Donald Trump, is not a man but a wimp. He is letting her take the fall by tweeting that the accusation of plagiarism is hurting her children! This makes her look like a kind of lamebrain bimbo that he calls women he doesn't like.
The whole episode is a disgrace but illuminates why Trump brags about the size of his penis, his tall buildings, and the size of his fortune: He is, as Bill Mahr says, a “whiny little bitch.”

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