Saturday, July 16, 2016


UCLA’s Football Program Plagued By Scandal, Neo-Fascism

Head Coach Jim Mora, at a media event day, defended his defensive coordinator, Tom Bradley, said he had been properly vetted and will not be vetted again.  This is despite the fact that recently unsealed testimony revealed that Bradley had known of pervert Coach Jerry Sandusky’s abusive prior to its having been reported to Penn State officials where Bradley was a coach prior to coming to UCLA.

“We’re going to stand by Tom,” insisted Mora, indicating that sexual molestation was low on Mora’s morality chart of ethical concerns.

Turning to the issue of neo-fascist concerns in Westwood’s football program, the background is that UCLA’s quarterback, Jeff Rosen, was seen at Donald Trump’s golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes, playing golf and wearing a “F*ck Trump” hat.  Too, Rosen had tweeted that under a new contract affecting the athletic program UCLA that the NCAA was reaping millions off the work of amateur players at the University.

Mora'’s response to Rosen was, in effect, to shut up and play football.  He explained to Rosen that his valuing freedom of expression under the first amendment would hamper his chances of making great amounts of money at the professional level.  So just as sexual molestation is low among Mora’s ethical concerns, so too is the affirmation one’s dignity, worth, and value through free speech when compared to materialistic values.

What was particularly revealing, as reported in the Los Angeles Times, was Mora’s statement that he had talked to L.A. Rams general manager about the potential ramifications of a potential draft choice engaging in his right of free speech in college.  His ability to make “40 million dollars” would be hampered the GM told Mora who passed on the information to Rosen. 

So, the cat is out of the bag:  UCLA views its football program as a kind of farm team for the NFL.  This is why, as Rosen has pointed out, the High School/University at Westwood has been exploiting its amateur athletes, most of whom will never turn professional.

How Rosen will be affected by all of this will be seen in next season’s contest with a real university, The University of Southern California, which is headed to be among the top five academic institutions in the U.S.  Rosen wasn’t very impressive last season as the Trojans beat the Bruins (attired in its powder puff blue uniforms) by a lopsided score.