Thursday, July 21, 2016


The GOP CONVENTION WANTS THE U.S. TO BE A KIND OF MILITARY/POLICE THEOCRACY.  Chris Christie turned the GOP convention goers into angry mob repeatedly chanting about Hillary Clinton, LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP!”  I had thought that in America, we vote against someone if we don’t like them.  It’s in tin pot military dictatorships that politicians lock up their opponents.   Trump Adviser Al Baldasaro of New Hampshire Said Hillary Clinton Should Be 'Shot for Treason.'  When MSNBC interviewed a New Hampshire convention goer about this, he excused Baldasaro’s remarks on the basis that he was a “military man who was speaking in the context of firing squads executing people for treason.” 

I wonder if this delegate would excuse the cop killers in Dallas and Baton Rouge because of the usual cant that our military veterans are all heroes, which the executioners of police were.

Of course, there are repeated chants of LOCK HER UP at the convention.  In addition to being an angry, bloodthirsty mob that applauded the not guilty verdict received by a cop who killed a black man, it appears that Donald Trump’s decision-making is a family affair, like in North Korea.  It appears that Donald Trump, Jr. chose the GOP vice-presidential nominee.

An analysis of the speeches at the convention indicates that America should be a militaristic nation that loves only its cops, the armed forces, the flag, and guns.  The convention manifested a patriotism smacking of religious fervor like that of the People’s Republic of China.   If one listens carefully, there are frequently convention shouts of  the Army's “Hooah”, the Marines “Oorah”, and the Navy SEALs' “Hooyah. ”  Sometimes the convention seems like a military convocation, such as one would expect at a gathering in North Korea.

Perhaps, most interestingly, the convention speakers, such as Mike Pence, advocate an (evangelical) theocracy, a form of government where the rulers claim to be ruling on behalf of a set of religious ideas, or as direct agents of a deity as is the case in Iran.