Friday, February 13, 2015


Dear Keith,
Denton, Texas is where fracking was pioneered, and it recently became the first city in the state to ban the hazardous process in which toxic chemicals are blasted into underground rock formations to release oil and gas.But as soon as votes were tallied in favor of the fracking ban, the city was slapped with two lawsuits opposing the new rules.
One lawsuit was filed, unsurprisingly, by an oil and gas industry group. But the second lawsuit comes from the Texas General Land Office, a government body tasked with managing land in the public interest.
One thing is for certain: fracking is not in the public interest, and the citizens of Denton have made that clear. In Denton, flares burn off benzene––a known carcinogen––and other gases near playgrounds. Wells have exploded, spewing toxic fracking chemicals into neighborhoods. Ozone levels exceed standards for safety.
The incoming Texas Land Commissioner is none other than George P. Bush, nephew of former president George W. Bush. The Bush family is invested in the fracking industry, so George P. Bush has every reason to follow through with the lawsuit against Denton when he takes office.
That’s why we need to stand with Denton and make our voices heard. Join us in calling on the Texas General Land Office to stop interfering with the democratic process and drop its lawsuit against Denton!
PETITION TO THE TEXAS LAND COMMISSIONER: Withdraw the lawsuit challenging Denton’s fracking ban.
-- The folks at
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