Sunday, December 1, 2013


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While colonialism in the historic sense is dead, and the Monroe Doctrine is no longer professed to give the US the right to intervene in the affairs of other nations in the Western Hemisphere, the US still routinely, however surreptitiously, attempts to force governmental changes when it feels sufficiently challenged. Venezuela is an ongoing example, and has been for the past 14 years, first when Chavez was their leader, and now with Madura. Oil resources and other market opportunities for American businesses are the reward, an avowed socialist government in the America's is the threat. To pursue American interests, at times it seems that anything is permissible, destabilization attempts, assassination, overthrow, sabotage, etc. We are fighting a war on terror against those endangering our interests, but a double standard may exist when dealing with established nations that are not among our allies. Our covert activities in Venezuela and in other south and Central American nations with independent, non-aligned, or even leftist governments should be of concern to all Americans who grant the people's of other countries the right to freely choose their own choice of government, without outside interference, and to enjoy the proceeds of their own natural and human resources.