Sunday, December 1, 2013


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Whether to fight those who oppose and threaten us with combat troops or drone warfare is indeed a false and misleading choice, ignoring the inefficiency of both and failing to include the many other options in dealing with opponents which history has proven are much more humane, cost-effective, and successful.  This article does well in relating the inhumanity and inefficiency of drone warfare, which is often hailed as a solution since lives of our own personnel are not at risk, but which fails as a way of combatting terrorism through the inadvertent civilian killing and the reported 10 to 1 ratio of potential terrorists created for every one killed. Drone warfare should be seen as an even more impersonal, detached, inhumane way of conducting warfare than the carpet-bombing of cities or dropping nuclear weapons from airplanes, the attack being generated from someone in total safety thousands of miles away--a frightening prospect for future wars, with minimal distinction then existing between civilian and military personnel.  Combat itself failed in defeating the Soviet Union; containment, maintaining our own and are allies strength, economic incentives and support to contested regions, led to our emerging the winners in that 40 year cold war.  When combat was resorted, it led to failure, for us is Vietnam, for the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  There are other, and better,  alternatives to drones or troops. It is tragic that our military and our political leadership does not chose to employ them first and foremost.