Sunday, December 1, 2013


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The mystery of what our real intentions and purposes are in continuing our involvement in Afghanistan defies any clear answers. Are we leaving at the end of 2014 or staying indefinitely, maintaining permanent bases or not, remaining troops engaging in combat or not, our remaining forces subject to whose laws, theirs or ours? Who is deciding all this, their fragmented government, or our equivocating one? And for what purpose, to keep Karzai in power, their elections next year could change that anyway? To kill terrorists, Pakistan is a more threatening breeding ground for terrorism by far? Karzai has given us the best out possible, saying he will delay signing the BSA agreement until next year, although our government has said we will pull out all our forces if it is not signed by the end of this year. We should jump at the opportunity. It is the time, Karzai has given us the reason, to leave.