Sunday, December 1, 2013


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Israel does have very good reason to be concerned that it is isolated on the issue of the western powers agreeing to attempt negotiation with Iran on their nuclear development.  It has also isolated itself from its neighbors and much of the world on the long-standing issues involving Palestine, their continuing settlement development, occupation, and Palestinian statehood.  What has not been sufficiently emphasized is the fact that Israel has essentially isolated itself on these issues.   With a new government in Iran, a peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue is worth a chance, the major powers involved in the sanctions all agree.  Iran has every right to develop nuclear power as a peaceful energy source, and are open to discussing inspections and oversight of the program.  For Israeli to threaten pre-emptive nuclear attacks on these sites is outrageous, and does isolate  them from what is acceptable to the leaders of the world powers.  On Palestine, Israel has repeatedly isolated itself from the majority of UN members and all the major powers except the US by violating UN resolutions concerning Palestine settlement growth and encroaching on the human rights of Palestinian occupants in the West Bank.  While there is no question in the US's commitment to stand firm in their support of Israel and to defend it from any external attack, it is time for the US  to finally confront Israel on the reality that these issues demand a resolution, putting them off further only adds to the conflict, and threatening war should never be a preferred option.  Obama and the world powers deserve credit on this one.