Wednesday, December 4, 2013


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So according to this revealing article, the global elites, a large sampling of organizational leaders throughout the world, agree that the greatly increasing income and wealth disparity being experienced everywhere is one of the major problems facing the world.  Only problem is, there is little motivation among our political and economic leaders to do anything significant about it.  Austerity negates undertaking programs that would increase the economic power of the majority of people,  Stimulating employment, funding public education, supporting job re-training, all take money. The governments aren't spending it, most people throughout the world don't have it, the wealthy aren't willing to support the common good.  The greatest concern, according to the elites, is unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, which  has stimulated terrorism which could affect them.  Massive financial inequity is one of the major triggers of crime, which is terrorism of a more personal, local, and targeted basis, without the political motivation but also often highly related to inequity. As the wealthy become more and more differentiated from the rest of the world's population, they will have much to fear, and would be well advised to place a high priority on lessening the world-wide income disparity that exists.  The major breeding grounds of terrorism are the regions with the greatest income disparity--Saudi Arabia, elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa, other areas that were previously under colonial rule and more recently ruled by very autocratic families or oligarchs.  With disparity increasing globally, the world economy accelerating its spread, and rapid mass communication now connecting all classes and causes instantly, finding ways to reduce the inequity and dampen the flames of hostility become paramount, for the wealthy as well as all elements of society.