Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Oliver Stone Uncensors American History

UntoldHistoryAmericans grow up learning history through the lens of a victorious US empire. This notion isn’t just bred through the educational system – every major institution in society maintains the same perspective in order to help unify the people under a national identity.
Although it benefits the whole if there is a sense of unity among the population, the false belief that an arbitrary national border makes one human better than the other is socially destructive. Not only is this isolated worldview of American exceptionalism insulting to non-Americans, it’s a propaganda tool used to manufacture consent for the US government’s disastrous and hypocritical policies.
Throughout the last half century, the United States has acted as military arbitrator of the world, policing other countries in the name of “freedom” while constantly waging war to undermine other nations’ democracies.
This classified history of America is deeply explored in a ten-part documentary Showtime series called The Untold History of the United States, a film adaptation of the joint book authored by Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone and prolific historian Peter Kuznick.
The epic saga looks back with a critical eye at historical events that went under reported at the time, but ended up crucially shaped America over the 20th century. From the dropping of two atomic bombs over Japan to the Cold War and the fall of Communism, this in-depth, provocative documentary series challenges many Americans’ long held political paradigms.
Oliver Stone and historian Peter Kuznick have corrected American history on Breaking the Set before. Recently, they came on again to discuss the truth behind everything from JFK’s legacy to Obama’s expansion of the surveillance state.
Abby Martin Breaks the Set with Oliver Stone and Historian Peter Kuznick.
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